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Theory & Event: Theorizing the Printemps Erable

Theory & Event: Theorizing the Printemps Erable

A new issue of Theory & Event, edited by Darin Barney, Brian Massumi and Cayley Sorochan, includes a series of critical articles on the student movement in Quebec.


Out of the mouths of ‘casseroles’: Textes qui bougent au rhythme du carré rouge

A special issue of Wi: Journal of Mobile Media
June 2012


Table of Contents

Introduction    PDF

Bouge! Bouge! Bouge!    PDF

Testimony of An Arrest    PDF

Reflections from a Desk Chair Activist: On Translating the Printemps Érable, Anna    PDF

Walking the Streets with a Swarm of Prismatic Specters, Thierry Bardini    PDF

Why I wear the red square: a list, Darin Barney    PDF

The Revolution will be Sonic, Owen Chapman    PDF

 Red Burst, Monika Kin Gagnon    PDF

Livestreaming on CUTV: ‘Emboldened riot culture’ of Student Strike, Sandra Jeppesen    PDF

It didn’t start with Occupy, and it won’t end with the student strike!  Anna Kruzynski, Rachel Sarrasin & Sandra Jeppesen    PDF

Clamouring Out: Against the Privative Sphere, Krista Geneviève Lynes   PDF

Manifesto for Collection Action – Toward An Ethico-Aesthetic Politics, Erin Manning    PDF

Buying Out: Of Capitulation and Contestation, Brian Massumi    PDF

#casserolesencours St-Henri, Magdalena Olszanowski PDF

On S’En Câlisse, La Loi Special: The Music Festival that Wasn’t, Carrie Rentschler    PDF

Multigenerational Casserole Orchestras: the New Face of Anarchist Insurgency, Joseph Rosen    PDF

Quebec’s Noisy Revolution: Social Dramaturgies of the “Maple Spring”, J.B. Spiegel    PDF

Bodies-Streets, Jonathan Sterne    PDF

A revolution on the corner of St-Hubert and Marie-Anne, Jeremy Stolow     PDF

Bibliographie Zotero

Une revue de presse du mouvement peut être consultée au – elle contient déjà plus de 250 items.

Art walk / Intervention – A few more photos

silent art walk / intervention, a set on Flickr.

Art Walk / Intervention – 10 Short videos

01. gathering
march 27th, bishop street

the rest of the videos can be found here:

Art walk/Intervention’s collaborative writing pieces

Yesterday we came together and marched silently with some folks from the Communication Studies MA/PhD program/faculty and some friends from the Humanities at Concordia University: intervening in everyday rhythms, leaving performative traces along the trajectory, silently joining forces with a backward walking march and collaboratively writing praxis after the art/sound walk.

The stories have a theme indicated at the bottom of each of the pieces and were collectively written in style of corps exquis or rotating corpse. This creative method employed by the Surrealists collectively assembles a collection of words or images. Each collaborator adds to a composition in sequence, either by following a rule or by being allowed to see the end of what the previous person has contributed. In our case, we just saw a part of the previous written fragment as well as the theme.

March 22nd audio2


click on the above link to access the audio file on soundcloud

location=”2026 Rue de Bullion, Montreal Quebec, CA”
Notes=”Chants cheers McGill law”