Out of the mouths of ‘casseroles’: Textes qui bougent au rhythme du carré rouge


A special issue of Wi: Journal of Mobile Media
June 2012


Table of Contents

Introduction    PDF

Bouge! Bouge! Bouge!    PDF

Testimony of An Arrest    PDF

Reflections from a Desk Chair Activist: On Translating the Printemps Érable, Anna    PDF

Walking the Streets with a Swarm of Prismatic Specters, Thierry Bardini    PDF

Why I wear the red square: a list, Darin Barney    PDF

The Revolution will be Sonic, Owen Chapman    PDF

 Red Burst, Monika Kin Gagnon    PDF

Livestreaming on CUTV: ‘Emboldened riot culture’ of Student Strike, Sandra Jeppesen    PDF

It didn’t start with Occupy, and it won’t end with the student strike!  Anna Kruzynski, Rachel Sarrasin & Sandra Jeppesen    PDF

Clamouring Out: Against the Privative Sphere, Krista Geneviève Lynes   PDF

Manifesto for Collection Action – Toward An Ethico-Aesthetic Politics, Erin Manning    PDF

Buying Out: Of Capitulation and Contestation, Brian Massumi    PDF

#casserolesencours St-Henri, Magdalena Olszanowski PDF

On S’En Câlisse, La Loi Special: The Music Festival that Wasn’t, Carrie Rentschler    PDF

Multigenerational Casserole Orchestras: the New Face of Anarchist Insurgency, Joseph Rosen    PDF

Quebec’s Noisy Revolution: Social Dramaturgies of the “Maple Spring”, J.B. Spiegel    PDF

Bodies-Streets, Jonathan Sterne    PDF

A revolution on the corner of St-Hubert and Marie-Anne, Jeremy Stolow     PDF

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