Art walk/Intervention’s collaborative writing pieces

Yesterday we came together and marched silently with some folks from the Communication Studies MA/PhD program/faculty and some friends from the Humanities at Concordia University: intervening in everyday rhythms, leaving performative traces along the trajectory, silently joining forces with a backward walking march and collaboratively writing praxis after the art/sound walk.

The stories have a theme indicated at the bottom of each of the pieces and were collectively written in style of corps exquis or rotating corpse. This creative method employed by the Surrealists collectively assembles a collection of words or images. Each collaborator adds to a composition in sequence, either by following a rule or by being allowed to see the end of what the previous person has contributed. In our case, we just saw a part of the previous written fragment as well as the theme.

11 responses to “Art walk/Intervention’s collaborative writing pieces

  • krphilipp

    How do you know if you have an effective coalition?
    How do you know that which is silent is represented?
    I extend a smile to greet my neighbor
    My neighbor smiles back, and I realize we have never really spoken before
    Sometimes I feel silence makes for the strongest statement of collectivity
    – Allow space for the individual. Coalition means writing in difference – allowing for difference –
    you = me = we
    but all different
    never alone
    always already somewhere else
    work for it with patience
    for a future to come
    that we are making together,
    right here, right now

  • krphilipp

    Today the revolution was quiet.
    There were no words on our lips.
    Change is visionary.
    Does it always liberate?
    The gaze from the worker would insinuate…
    something incendiary. I feel like my pants are on fire!
    I want the city to burst into chants of joy, a festival of positive and funny revolutions!
    Revolution = Revelation
    Quiet can/Silence can bring the revelation as well as the revolution
    A word I don’t like
    Blood and lies
    It happens in your mind!
    Haunting the present: Specters of Marx
    y Che Guevara
    – hasta la victoria siempre

  • krphilipp

    We joined a group that was walking backwards.
    As they yelled, “Crions, plus fort!” we walked with them, silently.
    Would I have screamed out if I fell down?
    My mind shoves so much faster than my actions.
    How can I make sure my actions are mine and not someone else’s?
    I’m losing sense of which foot is which – though I haven’t lost my footing.
    I don’t even know whose foot is whose, sometimes. But I know where I want to go – will you come with me?
    We walk separately but join together.
    Uniting individual difference through small actions
    shouldn’t be disregarded
    solidarity network
    connecting our actions

  • krphilipp

    It’s hard to march along other people chanting and remain silent.
    My body decided to speak, was actually speaking from the very first step.
    But the only time my voice broke the silence was when I laughed out loud
    But that did not break our vow
    Is silence action?
    How loud can silence be?
    Can I channel my passion to the voices of others?
    Can you hear me now, when I don’t speak?
    Can I hear you?
    There is a mounting echo.
    time for self = time for all.
    silence is the paradox of power
    silence is not absence
    voices unheard
    Expressing deep feelings of gratitude

  • krphilipp

    the symbol of sex worker’s rights is a red umbrella-
    red is representative –
    (stop think do) of all activist movements
    color of my memories
    painting the city with fresh thoughts
    cannibalistic, fire, primal
    red square red with rage
    in the red means…
    anger, blood, roses, squares
    tens, hundreds, thousands of them
    Every time I see red things in this city lately, I wonder if it’s a sign of solidarity
    and I collect each of these signs for motivation
    violence and liberation, are they always collected?
    Click your heels three times

  • krphilipp

    Enjoying the unexpected
    living the moment,
    supporting the strike
    even when hesitations persist
    spontaneity opens a gap
    where future possibilities might enter
    Is there a method to improvising together?
    Are we really improvising when we already have a method?
    There is comedy in each improvisation
    Let your body follow your mind
    wherever it goes
    Be ready to make mistakes
    And its encouraged to laugh at yourself.
    Chocolate is the fuel of the revolution! Kapow!
    No revolution is strong without humor.

  • krphilipp

    theme: “the welder”
    that each of us is malleable
    up to a point
    what is it then that merges people together?
    eye contact, touch, lots of waving and gestures
    if not, we might have melded into a dogpile
    we are fusing together that which was not meant to be.
    Is she tired?
    toiling for two to 200.000 must be exhausting
    but it is also beautiful
    together our pieces make sense.
    man-made unity in material
    putting together one thing at a time
    don’t know what else to write

  • krphilipp

    Printemps Erable
    Spring has come early this year. Even the weather is against the hikes!
    This is a manifestation that echoes a global discontent.
    I can’t speak this language – universal stop. A point of Anglophone Francophone tension
    everywhere is spring
    the sun always shines when people get together
    but revolutions happen even when it rains and there is no…
    revolution that originates
    in itself
    blooming back into life, that’s what we are doing, along with the world.
    inspired by those who have bloomed before us.
    their leaves beneath our feet

  • krphilipp

    Road signs
    When walking down the street in Montreal, I noticed road signs with empty spaces.
    I wanted to use the empty space and fill it with my own sign.
    real signs are directions – suggestions to be obeyed or NOT – road signs may very but are universal
    local imposes its strength
    don’t follow the sign: it’s tricky
    obstructions everywhere, yet the third space emerges – slowly!
    respect them when safe, disobey when necessary
    best to disobey them in a group tough.

  • krphilipp

    Walking turns into marching, joining
    efforts fora future yet to come
    what common language
    emerges in silence
    the silence inside, which turns
    into a drive to move and gain
    even if we’re not completely
    sure what we’re doing.
    we collect ideas and follow
    traces of them
    can true collectivity exist here or only somewhere else?
    is it in a place that language can’t describe?
    can we embody a resistance beyond words?
    this is what it might look like
    and it feels good. right and strong.
    collectivity is = does coalition

  • krphilipp

    walking backwards
    more than a challenge to my equilibrium
    I am off-set.
    what should I do with my bicycle? I think. I know – I will rear it up like an angry cat.
    I sauntered to the rhythm of people’s chants
    effective means of body language for political demonstration.
    walking backwards = moving forewards
    walking backwards to move forewords
    backwards but not alone
    advancing like Alice does
    through the rabbit hole
    and into the street
    Nous ne reculerons pas
    Except to go forward

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